Late Night Shots Party Crash

If I were a halfway decent blogger, I would have taken my discovery of DC Late Night Shots and ran with it. It could have been my thing. A long running flame war where I would make fun of Smith Point and they would make fun of my paltry audience.

Instead, Wonkette decided to do that for me. My excuse is that they're paid to come up with this crap, but I admit I really dropped the ball there.

Thankfully, I'm still a member of LNS despite never having been to Smith Point. It turns out it's on my busline. Who knew?

As a member, I get weekly newsletters. The most recent one had an invitation. I present to you this invitation in full thanks to the almighty power of copy-and-paste:

LateNightShots and Smith Point will be hosting a party at Wisconsin & O [Smith Point] next Tuesday at 8PM until closing. Attendees can either celebrate their victory, drown their sorrows, or just head straight to the dance floor and worry about their employment situation in the morning. No entry fee. DJ will be playing. We hope to see you there.

The salient details appear to be that this is cover-free and open to everyone. So, I ask my fellow readers to attend this event so we can ruin it for these rich motherfuckers. You can tell which one of the douchebags I am by my boat shoes. That should narrow it down.

Seriously, what's an Election Day without some party-crashing hijinx. This will be fun.

Also, as an added bonus, the invitation features a picture of three potential hook-ups for all you single ladies out there:

Disclaimer: These gentlemen have no idea how to pleasure a woman.


  1. Oh my god; I so want to go and wear the rattiest clothes I own.

    A certain former roommate of yours should wear his mullett wig.

  2. all my clothes are from either target or the old navy sales rack. i pray they'll let me in.

  3. the one on the left kind of looks like Magnum P.I.'s buddy from Hawaii. Not the black guy but the one that had the helicopter and the helicopter-driving skills. what was his name?

  4. Oh my God. You may have dropped the ball, but I must thank you for making me aware of this inspiring group of individuals. And by inspiring I mean they inspire me to kill myself.

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  6. I am seriously thinking of attending this. Oh, god... I don't know if I'll be able to stand it.

    They insulted Alex Wonkette's "intentionally mismatched clothes", so that's a wardrobe tip for you.

  7. The helicopter pilot from Magnum was T.C. (Thomas Calvin), not T.J.
    Unlike these LNS wankers... Magnum could pleasure a woman with a simple flash of his 'stache.