One Idiot Ruins Everything

Unfortunately, I have been forced to make commenting privileges limited to registered Blogger users. Hopefully this will be temporary. Comment moderation didn't work and I don't want to eliminate comments altogether. This will have to do for the time being.

The reason for this is some anonymous asshat decided to write the word "Redskins" over, literally, 20,000 times in my comments. It slowed my entire computer down and it prevented me from navigating my own blog in an efficient manner. Whoever did that is a fucking idiot and I hope he/she gets the clap. Does anyone know where I can send complaints if someone anonymously leaves 20,000+ racial epithets in a single comment. Maybe Blogger can pull up his IP address and ban him/her from these sites. That would be awesome.

A lot of my commenters are not Blogspot users. I urge you all to get accounts so we can keep up the fun. I don't know what I'd do without people telling me what a typical New England liberal I was.

To soothe the pain of this change, I'd like to feature a special reader submitted edition of INS1PID. It comes from Ellen in Ashburn, VA and is very slightly edited for grammatical purposes:

..."It sucks out here. Anyway, I happened to be stuck behind a gargantuan Chevy truck monstrosity with all the requisite American flag stickers and support our troops, blah blah blah and sporting yet another lame motherfucking personalized license plate the Old Dominion is so famous for. What was the little bit of wittiness on this plate? Why it was no less than "11 MPG." Yes that's right, addicted to guzzling foreign oil and proud of it. Like anyone in this overgrown subdivision needs a truck to go one of the ten grocery stores in a 1 mile radius. Fucking Virginia."

Hurray for Virginia! Supporting our troops by gloating how inefficient your car is! Has anyone ever asked to get their truck keyed more than this dude?


  1. Whiteskins

  2. OK, well, I fucked that up. Let me try this again.

  3. Check out Atlanta; they still have stickers that support our troops and support our President and drive trucks with crazy-big tires; but the Stars and Stripes are replaced by the Rebel Battle Flag... and the guy driving the truck has a $400 suit on.

  4. Fuck, this means I can't sign in as Bettie "Congressional" Page anymore. I hate you, Rusty.

  5. The guy who posted "Redskins" 20,000 times, I happened to know his mother!
    She does tricks at night behind the NPR building on K street for a bag of crack!!!

    Good move Rusty!

  6. Shucks... I wanted to write "SUV drivers have small penises" 20,000 times.

  7. That's obnoxious. Have you noticed that no one here has a pro-border enforcement bumper sticker? I'd sport one but I know that I'd return to a smashed, burning wreckage of what was once my car.

  8. and yet virginia has one of the highest rates of per-capita hybrid car ownership in the nation. funny how that's totally ignored.