Three Posts in One Day? Why Not!?

Quick little story:

A 50ish woman was driving a black Lexus sedan with Virginia plates. She was driving on M street towards Georgetown. She hit a red light on the intersection of 19th and M. She took a left turn anyways.

Driving on 19th she ran into a little bit of traffic. She handled the situation maturely by firmly placing her hand on the horn and not letting go. This was especially hilarious considering the traffic jam was no one's fault. Traffic was a bit backed up from a red light on 19th and L. This happens every single weeknight. Honking won't fix it.

The driver's obnoxious actions coupled with her luxury car filled me with rage. Who the fuck does she think she is? She honestly thinks red lights and traffic decorum don't apply to her? What a jerk!

I don't like bad drivers, entitled douchebags, or Virginia all that much. So, I decided to memorize her license plate number. 673 215. Virginia plates.

If you see a black Lexus with that plate, you know what to do. Don't worry, the security cameras here won't catch you.


  1. That's not as bad as in L.A... here, when the light turns red, a minimum of THREE cars will turn left through the intersection. Maddening. I understand how frustrating that is, so track that B**** down, haha!

  2. If her car gets vandalized, you could get in trouble for incitement.

  3. You're right.

    Loyal readers, I was jay kaying!

  4. Maryland drivers are worse.

  5. Rusty, you need a camera phone.

  6. Yeah, you couldn't have taken a photo like a real blogger.

    I love (northern) Virginia but I always thought that we'd evolved to the point where we in the modern area understood traffic.

    You see, it takes a while for memes to get out. I have memories of being stuck in traffic jams as a child in the early '80s (when people still drank beer openly in their cars and didn't wear seat belts) of people honking like mad amidst a traffic jam.

    The honks would beget other honks and everyone just vented their frustration by honking--and there was no point to it!

    It was just like, "This traffic makes me feel so, I just want to--HONK!"

    So last time I was driving in New York I got into some bridge traffic and tried out my retro attitude. People were honking and I just layed on the horn and started screaming out the window.

    Like an animal.

    She's definately old school, the old broad.

  7. That's my girlfriend's car, you asshole!

  8. Happens every day at that intersection.

    Was she yammering on her cell phone too? She must have been headed somewhere more important than the rest of us.

  9. love it when drivers on phones try to run pedestrians over in crosswalks and then look at you as if y ou're interrupting their conversation.

  10. I also love it when lawyers or lawyer-wannabes tell you all about incitement and nitpick.

    "That's definately 'actionable.'"

    I'd love to beat up one of these types while they're telling me my actions are actionable.

    "That's not going to help you now!"

  11. ever been to india? The honking is other-worldly.

  12. Ted,

    I'm actually going next year!

  13. Well, enjoy. The cars actually say on the back "please honk". This is due to the bobbing traffic that coincides with the Indian head bobbing that goes on in all business meetings. Was that a yes or a no, haresh?

  14. Ted is right. Everyone honks in India, and everyone bobbs there head, meeting or not. It's just their culture.

  15. It's an amazing world, Ted and friends.

    I have a buddy whose father is a politican... and just a provincial politician but nevertheless organizes political rallies that draw as many as 700,000 people.

    Jesus Christ. That's more people than live in my home state.

    I'm definately going to do it, though. As much as I hate (white) people who do yoga, I'm going to let that go....

  16. If you look closely, my eyes and nose are in perfect proportion to that of that bitch's....


  17. whoops, posting to the wrong blog. Excuse me, Rusty.

  18. She was on a 1-way street, turning left onto another 1-way street. I'm not sure what the law is in DC, but in MD that is a LEGAL left turn on red. I'm guessing in DC it's not?

  19. Fuck Virginia Drivers!!!

    I'm still injured from an accident one year ago! Dude didn't even slow down as I was at a complete stop. 40 miles an hour. BOOM!

    Virginia Drivers FUCK YOU!!!

  20. Actually unless DC driving laws are an exception to the norm, a left turn on red there is completely legal. When a person is driving on a one-way street, they may take a left turn onto another one-way street if the light is red.

    The horn blowing, however....