BREAKING: Derailment on Red Line near Farragut North

Reports are coming in of a possible train derailment at Farragut North. No official information at this time. DC Fire and EMS tweeted of an incident; Twitter reports have trains holding at Metro Center and Dupont Circle. Multiple fire trucks and ambulances have responded to the scene.

Some reports have included some sort of indication of a switch problem near the station. Possible a train has derailed due to malfunction of an interlocking. More info will be posted as it comes available.

A six-car Red Line train headed in the direction of Shady Grove Metrorail station has reportedly derailed near the Farragut North Metrorail station. There are no reported injuries.

Metro officials and local first responders are at the scene to investigate and to safely get customers off of the train and to the station.

The preliminary report is that the front wheels of lead car is the one that came off the tracks. The incident took place at 10:13 a.m.

Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.
From the scene, via Twitter user beaz83:

Here's a CBS news photo from Christina Ruffini:

From WaPo:

11:10 a.m. Update: Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein on Channel 4 news.

Metro confirmed that the front wheels of the first car of a Red Line train derailed at 10:13 a.m. as it was approaching the Farragut North Metro station.

"Fortunately our reports are that there have been no injuries," Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said. "The front wheels of the front car came off the tracks. We do not know how it happened."

Farbstein said the six-car train was likely filled with passengers, given the late start of the workday for federal workers after the region was hit by a blizzard on Wednesday. She said Metro was evacuating passengers after electricity was cut to the line and that they would be escorted by walking on the tracks to the station platform.

"It's too early for us to know what exactly happened," she told the television station.
11:40 AM, via We Love DC via WJLA-TV:

Passenger on cell phone (Dana Mozie) with WJLA saying passengers are being allowed off the train. Reporting that a few passengers need medical attention, not for traumatic injuries but for conditions related to shock.
11:43 AM, photo from inside Farragut North, via Twitter user andrewkneale:


  1. Transplants take salsa lessons to make themselves feel more culturedFebruary 12, 2010

    This is why real native Washingtonians like myself all own their own cars and drive and havent been on the metrorail in over a decade.

    This kind of shit never happened until all of the organic, rent raising, snowball fighting, no pants wearing, nasal voiced pasty douchebags all decided to start moving here.

    Perhaps this is a sign from the DC GODS?

    Go the hell back to whee you came from all you pasty disgusting pieces of sewage!

  2. @beaz83 that is an awesome pic. can't believe you were that close to the scene!

  3. That's some serious blogging....

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