Overheard on the Metro

Good thing we don't yet have 20 min Saturday headways...

Two Metro Transit police riding on a Yellow Line train to Fort Totten. Train is about to arrive at the Columbia Heights station.

Radio call comes in
Officer #1: What was that?
Officer #2: Shaw-Howard. We just passed through there!
Officer #1: Alright, alright let's roll.
Train pulls into station, officers are right by the door. #2 is checking what looks like a Google phone
Officer #1: Let's roll!
Officer #2: Looks at phone, Damn! 8 minutes 'till the next train.
Officers exit train, no longer in a hurry, and wait for the next southbound train.

Photo from flickr user lakewentworth


  1. green/yellow line runs so infrequently. in my opinion...

    but how else are metro police gonna get around I guess?

  2. Who you gonna call when your I PHONE gets snatched?February 21, 2010

    Cut the officers some slack.

    They are the first people all the pasty nasal voiced organic rent raising transplants go crying to when their I PODS and I PHONES get snatched away by little kids

  3. I wasn't ragging on them, I thought it sheds some light on why it takes some time for them to respond.

  4. Keep on displaying $300 and $400 I PHONES in front of peoples facesFebruary 21, 2010

    Keep on displaying $300 and $400 I PHONES in front of underpriviledged people's faces and they will keep on geeting snatched away from you.

    Even a fairly well off private prep school prep such as myself has enough sense not to do that.

    All you idiots are getting what you deserve.

  5. you're just so cheery aren't you.

    Regardless, How can we call them.
    A couple weeks ago, I noticed a guy with his junk hanging out. Not really something I wanted to handle myself, woulda been nice to get him in trouble.

  6. Bret, aka Agent of KarmaMarch 02, 2010

    being "underpriviledged" is NOT free reign to steal.

    I will display whatever pricey electronics I like on Metro, and I pity the stupid fucker who tries to take it. I didn't survive a tour in Iraq so I could be clowned on by some uneducated DC porchmonkey.

    DC thugs just act like they will kill you, whereas I WILL DEFINITELY FUCKING KILL YOU.