It's here, again; Snow blitz continues, high winds expected

Next round moves in: Above ground mass transit suspended, Federal government closed for 3rd day

The snow has already arrived, as of around 8:30 we've got a few new inches of snow. Temperatures are dropping and we've got a mess on the roads. Vehicles are struggling, even on major roads. I watched a rickety-old van nearly slide down 16th Street going up the hill. Visibility is very poor. Winds are expected to pick up, possibly leading to blizzard conditions. Tomorrow will not be pretty. Roads will again be a mess, and snow will still be coming down.

As of 8:30, we know that Metrorail will be underground only, and all Metrobus and Metroaccess service will be suspended. It's likely the DC Circulator will be suspended also. The Federal government will be closed for the third straight day.

Yes, we should keep in mind there are financial burdens when businesses and agencies close. Also, many hourly employees end up without pay if their employers close. This can be hard for many people. There's agitation in the air, and things are a mess. For what it's worth, Mayor Fenty held a whole bunch of press conferences all around the city. I'll join the chorus of people saying he should have stayed put at the SNOW COMMAND CENTER.

There is still no word on the DC Government status tomorrow. The only option at this point is to close the DC government. I've been hearing from people who have had to go to work each day, often without any transit option. Many of these people don't own cars, and some who do are snowed in. It's not a joke when someone has to walk 3 miles to work in the snow, and especially if there's 50 mph winds tomorrow. If windchills reach around 0 degrees or lower, exposed skin can freeze (frostbite) in under 5 minutes.


  1. Federal Government Operating Status in the Washington, DC, Area... The following message applies only to Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED. http://opm.gov/status/

  2. Thanks for giving those who are required to show at work regardless of the snow a shout out! It is much appreciated as I sit at my desk right now.

  3. It is borderline inhumane (well by U.S. standards) to force anyone to go to work without the facilitation of any decent infrastructure to get them there. The roads are crap. The Metro is barely working and it takes 2 hours to get anywhere. Walking shouldn't really be an option when it is this cold, windy, and icy and little to nothing is being done to clear the roads. If the Metro was running like normal I'd say sure, but it isn't, and this is ridiculous.