News Bullets, winter wonderland Wednesday

I've got a jam-packed day in the salt mines (e.g. office), so this will be extremely brief. First off, I absolutely had to comment on this. The District's Water and Sewer Authority is looking to rebrand itself. In fact, they are having a logo contest. I obviously just have one thing to say:

In other news, we had beautiful snow, which will likely melt before the end of the day. Enjoy the pretty views if you can, while it lasts. No snow day this time, but we are looking at some big snow by the end of the week. That is, of course, yet another weekend snowstorm. We've certainly become flinty enough with all of this snow, which almost makes DC seem like a place with real seasons. This is in stark contrast to prior years.

Finally here's a picture I took on my way to the office, and yes I'm being a sappy emo boy by dedicating it to my lovey fiancee:

Enjoy your day, DC, even if it's not a snowday. Regular complaint (and Metro) posts to resume later this week.


  1. RE: DCWASA rebrand. How about DCWAKKA WAKKA WAKKA? As in, "The water main broke in front of your house for the 6th time in 3 years? Sure we'll get right on that. WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA." Or, "You have no/brown water coming into your house? We'll be right there. WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA." If not, "Despite our deplorable service you can count on rate hikes. WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA."

  2. I think you want to change e.g. to i.e.