Snow delayed, still coming. Fenty must close DC gov't tomorrow

The snowstorm is still approaching, if a bit delayed.

From the Capital Weather Gang:
Through tonight: Snow and sleet showers developing this evening consolidate into a general area of light to moderate snow into the night. Some mix is possible across much of the area early, still favoring D.C. and southeast, but we should flip over to snow within a short window around midnight. There may be some lulls in activity late with snowfall rates picking up again near sunrise. Lows range from 20 to 25 with winds increasing by morning.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): Snow and blowing snow is the big story of the morning and very strong winds tell the tale of the afternoon. We should see a band of moderate to heavy snow swing through the area through midday before precipitation tapers late. Winds increase throughout the day and gust as high as 50 mph during the afternoon, causing reduced visibilities, drifting of snow and power outages. Highs should rise to the upper 20s and around 30.
Accumulation may be lower than initially predicted, but these will be downright nasty conditions. The photo in this post was taken this morning, on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle. Some roads have been cleared, others are still a mess. Even 6" would make things much more of a mess. However, given that transit and driving will be snarled, it's downright unsafe to expect people to head to work in blizzard conditions. With strong winds gusting to 50 mph, walking outside for any period of time is absolutely unsafe.

If the forecast models prove to be true, and there is wind and snow tomorrow morning; the DC government needs to close. There's no way around it. Lost productivity or not, it's gotta happen.


  1. Mayor Fenty once again looking for spotlight and promising schools will be ready and open on monday feb 8th, he is just a jackass!

  2. Ummm, based on experiences such as unanswered complaints to the Taxicab Commission, unplowed streets, inspectors that never show up, and the like, I just have one question: how does one tell the difference between when DC government is open and when it's closed?