Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

It seems I may have underestimated the dedication some people have to the Washington Post Express. I received an email from reader Stan, who sent in this video of him and his buddy making sure an Express box in Northwest remained clear during the great Snowpocalypse.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, this was shot in upper NW, near American University.

So how about that proposed $20-$30/mo subscription fee to read the New York Times on an iPad?


  1. ...but why is it not surprising that this was filmed in upper NW?? do AU area people worship the express or something?

  2. kind of odd how devoted they are...seriously, but I like it. It is really accessible and it's free. I get one the days I leave early on the metro and can read it on the way. I buy the NY times or Washington post about once a week.

  3. tall, think gay mean = dave stroup

  4. anonymous. what?? I don't see how that's appropriate.