News Bullets, calm before the storm Thursday;

So it's looking like we're going to get Snowmageddon 2 this weekend, starting sometime tomorrow afternoon. Provided the models don't change later today, we're looking at another dose of real snow. So here it is, make sure you get your milk, bread, booze and condoms before the blizzard strikes. Thank the weather gods for giving us yet another weekend storm, right?

Speaking of the snow, there's been some conflict on Twitter over what to call the new storm. The #snOMG tag caught on last time, and even some District agencies adopted it. Now we have debate between #snOMG2, #snowgasm, and #snofuckyourself. I find it unlikely a government agency would use the last two, so I'm thinking we'll see #snOMG2.

Also, Butterstick has been crated up and taken to Dulles for a departure on a special FedEx flight. Everyone in the DC media world has been covering this, and DCist was livetweeting. And as is the style of FedEx (The World on Time), the panda departed on schedule for China. I have to say I haven't shed tear one for the beast. I'm happy he brought some publicity to the zoo and everything, but the panda exhibit was always too crowded to see anything. I can't handle two dozen tourists from Kansas pointing at a tree branch and a rock shouting "I see him! I see him! Aren't we glad that Noah fit the pandas on the ark? He's so cute!"

In some real news, the Council wants Sinclair Skinner to testify. Members of the DC Council are willing to go to court if necessary to compel Fenty's friend and crony to testify regarding the controversial parks and recreations contracts. Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) sez Skinner is "cozy" with the Mayor, yet he "thumbs his nose" at the Council. Here's a hint to anyone who wants to be mayor of DC... figure out a way to get Cheh to run! She could help split the white vote in Ward 3, handing victory to whoever can win the rest of the city.

Speaking of the racial divide in DC. In the Examiner yesterday Michael Neibauer and Bill Myers looked at Fenty's support, broken down by race. While Fenty has divided the white and black communities, the Examiner points out the reality is that Fenty's support among whites could carry him to victory. Wow, this is one consequence of gentrification that I don't think anyone saw coming. Or maybe we did see it coming the whole time. Hooray for diversity, no?

Safeway on Rhode Island Avenue NE to close. This shows exactly why we need to offer tax incentives for grocers to move to under-served areas. A large number of people are going to lose their main source of affordable groceries, and it could be difficult to attract a replacement. From the WJLA piece "Safeway say they are losing business to a new Giant built half a mile down the street. They also say the type of stores in the nearby mall are not the kind that attract customers who would also shop at Safeway and so business is down." We'll see if the city can manage to attract a new grocer for the area, or help spur some better development. That is, of course, if we haven't blown all of our tax incentives trying to get Ellwood Thompson's to Columbia Heights.

News nugget: If you were wondering, the hubub around the Washington Hilton was for the National Prayer Breakfast. President Obama and First Lady Michelle attended the breakfast, along with plenty of other 'important people' attended.


  1. Was that the Safeway with a rat problem?

  2. both that Safeway and the nearby Giant are awful. i usually go to the Safeway because its easier to get to and the folks there were friendly. i've been shopping there for nearly two years since i moved to Bloomingdale. this sucks because now the giant is going to be overcrowded... I'll probably end up going to the new Safeway at 5th & K, even though its Safeway that abandoned my area.

    if Forman Mills hadn't just moved in, location would be ideal for some redevelopment. its on top of the metro, it should get a mixed use building, like that 5th & K scaled down a bit.

  3. @dano - assuming the great streets funding for rhode island ave. stays around, draft plans for redevelopment are in the works.