Brief hatred

D.C. is razing old housing projects to make way for new neighborhoods, I suppose as part of the famous "city living, dc style!" campaign.

" 'No one should think that they can't afford to live in the District,' said Eric Price, deputy mayor for planning and economic development." Yeah, fuck you too, pal.

Do I get to live next door to one of those new Latino street gangs I've been hearing so much about? Hooray, even more violence than before! They could be flying under the cops' radar after a computer crash wiped out 200 cases from their database. Always make backups, people.

Oh, and apparently, you haven't lived here if you haven't gone to the American Horticultural Society's farm in Alexandria, or to this replica of a whiskey still in rural Marlyand. By that reasoning, I haven't lived here, and never will.

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