Dolphins bottle up our fascination

Me: That headline makes no sense at all. Dolphins can't hold bottles, and fascination can't be bottled up because it's just an abstract concept.
Jen: ...

Remember Jen Waters? She was that kid who had a report due on space. I mean, report due on dolphins. Fortunately, the Washington Times was nice enough to print it.

Although more evaluations need to be completed before a broad spectrum of conclusions can be drawn from the studies, scientists have been able to make some preliminary conjectures.

For instance, it seems the amount of pollutants in male bodies increases with age as they continue to eat contaminated food, while females eliminate pollutants through their milk, which is passed to offspring. The specific pollutants carried by the animals are identified through testing portions of blubber.
Me: You get a B+.
Jen: Why not an A?
Me: Too long. You found so much great information you put it all in. Overkill.
Jen: Hm.