News Roundup Jubilee Celebration Party Fun Time

Springfield Couple Accused Of Abusing Girl, 12. Subhead: "Videos of Sex Acts Were Sold, Police Say." Virginia is for lovers... of 12-year-old girls! (That last part is always cut off by the tourism board.)

Gang Histories Rife With Death, Despair. A good column about rising gang violence.

Not to be outdone, the Times also "keeps it real" by writing about all the different exciting varieties of wallpaper you can buy for your house. Perhaps it's Jen Waters under a pen name? It's definitely her encyclopedic M.O., plus it includes a free plug for a Southwest wallpaper store.

Wallpaper isn't just paper anymore. Even the term "wall covering" hardly suffices to describe the range of offerings available to brighten walls.
No, it suffices.

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