Hatred news roundup

Hatred news, literally, in the case of a National Fire Academy teacher who made class a bit more than uncomfortable for one of his black students, a D.C. fire captain.

I would really like to see how much the D.C. government loses every year just from people stealing and cheating it out of cash. In the case of a traffic violations clerk and her friend taking bribes to cancel tickets, it was $100,000 in June alone. The best part is when Mayor Tony said, "We have no room in this government for people who steal." Apparently, there's actually plenty of room. In fact, that seems to be the D.C. government's entire reason for existing.

Sadly, Kemp Mill Music is closing. I was an occasional customer of their Dupont Circle location, which had a pretty decent selection of cheap used CDs and electronic music. It's not that I don't like shopping at Tower or Amazon, but sometimes I want to throw my money at the non-giant-corporation outfit that's squeezed into a tiny retail space downtown. The people at Kemp Mill were generally knowledgeable and approachable; they usually posted some pretty solid staff recommendations. This was the kind of store that Washington was badly lacking and needed more of; now, it's gone.

The Times publishes an irresponsible editorial that basically blames the Clinton administration for 9-11. The worst part is this line: "The World Trade Center attacks of 1993, the bombing of our embassies in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole, the downing of TWA 800, the attack on Khobar Towers—all were treated as the disparate actions of deranged individuals..."

Yeah, that's great. Crackpot. At the bottom of the column:

Peter Huessy is president of GeoStrategic Analysis and Senior Defense Associate at the National Defense University Foundation. These views are his own.
Right, that usually goes without saying in an authored column on the op-ed page. The Times seems to be saying, "Wow, this guy is crazy even for us," by including this disclaimer.

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