Hating by proxy

I don't hate DC. Hey, why should I? I don't live there. But, since my DC-hating brother is on vacation, I'm filling in for him today, much like all those times when little Billy has to draw Family Circus. Ho ho, that Billy gets into some hijinx.

Right, as I was saying...if James was around, he'd sure hate the fact that three people were killed (and three injured!) in four separate shootings last night. Hmm, another triple murder day. And things seemed to be going so well.

Apparently most of this happened between 4:00 and 4:30 last night. Was it a highly-organized plan, meant to confuse the police and ensure escape? If so, I don't know why they bothered to do so much work...their chances are already pretty good. And as James would say, "Nothing is worth doing, if it requires any effort whatsoever."

I'll finish off by quoting the last sentence of the article, since I think it creates a very Police Academy VI image:

"Police gave chase, and when the officer climbed a high fence, the fleeing person knocked the officer off the fence by hitting him in the head."

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