You've got mail, BITCH!

Flat orbs of silver
Descend from the letterbox
Fill my house with crap

--Richard Peters

Funny anecdote in this column about CNN's softball victory over AOL.

As White House correspondent John King was rounding second base on the homer by CNN's Howie Lutt, King shouted, "You've got mail!" He denies adding a choice expletive, but the AOL shortstop took vigorous exception and cursed him out. Meanwhile, says King, AOL's center fielder bumped Lutt, leading to a bench-clearing melee in which another AOLian put his hand on King's chest.
Oh yeah, IT'S GO TIME! Kick their asses, CNN.

Meanwhile, Pud printed an internal memo from AOL detailing their new "totem process," a global ranking of employees. Eeeee-vil.

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