Yet Another Way The City Is Trying To Kill You

3. Tuberculosis


Excuse me.

The Washington Post:

A driver for Metro's van service for the elderly and disabled has tuberculosis, and as many as 762 riders might have been exposed to the disease, Metro officials said yesterday.
Ooooo lovely. And here I've been worried all this time about being plowed over by the regular size Metro buses. Low and behold the short buses are also deadly. Okay, granted, the actual risk of contracting the disease under these circumstances is "low," and they're even lower if you don't use the disabled service. Still, some riders are questioning why it took WMATA so long to come forward with this information:

D.C. [Department of Health] contacted [Metro] about the driver's illness on Oct. 29, but it wasn't until Nov. 19 that Metro sent out the warning letters which were infected with Super AIDS.
So the obvious question becomes (and we've been down this road before, Metro) what can riders expect in the event of a serious outbreak?

Mark my words, people. Metro will give you Super AIDS.


  1. I challenge the city to bring back Polio.

    It has been thrown down.

  2. And, also, could the city do anything about the damn weather today?

  3. Hey, Brownie. I see you, I see you....

  4. Interesting way to redact this kind of information but I didn't know most infections in humans result in an asymptomatic, latent infection, and about one in ten latent infections eventually progresses to active disease. 23jj

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