On Metro

Contributors Note: As many of the readers express a distaste for the current editorial direction of the blog, some have noted a decided lack of coverage regarding how-much-all the Metro subway system sucks ass and what about all of the douches. To rectify the oversight, I have composed the following poem, in haiku.

[Throat clearing.]


It's a fucking train,
late and so very crowded
but I get to work.


  1. We'll get back to the real hate once the anonymous ALL CAPS old timer guy returns to vent bile in the comments section of this blog.

  2. At least, according to all the alerts I get in the email, most of the times Metro is busted is on the weekends. With last week being the exception of course, lots of alerts then which is understandable. Now if I get delayed on my way to the bar, I'd be livid.

  3. Commuting on the Metro train,
    Morning and night it's a bad pain.
    People crammed in each car,
    Broken door stays ajar.
    To offload always seems inane.