In case you didn't see the IN YOUR FACE banners on every single local news outlet, there is some snow on the ground.

Now of course you have the typical "haha, DC sucks because we all panic and freak out when there's snow!" which sounds a lot like, "I MOVED HERE FROM CANADA WHY CAN'T YOU ALL HANDLE SNOW BETTER."

NOTE: I did not make this picture. It's from someplace else.

Anyways, what's even more annoying than the news media going on and on about the snow... are blogs complaining about the news media going on and on about the snow.

Yeah, we get it. DC doesn't get a lot of snow, so the news media freaks out about the snow. They put big red scare banners saying "WINTER WEATHER WARNING OMGZ!" on their sites. People rush out and by 55 gallon drums of salt. And 10 shovels. Yeah, it happens every year when it snows. Which in '07/08 was ONE TIME. This year, just about ONE TIME. The most recent BIG snow I can remember was back in 2003.

I'm also acutely aware that blogs complaining about other blogs complaining about the snow freakout, is well, probably something worth complaining about. So do it in the comments.

Meanwhile, lets all bitch about:

1. How badly the city prepared for the snow (or, conversely, how stupidly they overprepared)
2. How wrong the weather people are
3. How stupid _________ County is for closing, or how stupid _________ County is for staying open.


  1. Meanwhile, it has already stopped snowing so this post is already irrelevant.


    "A second, stronger system will then enter D.C. area between 4PM-6PM as light snow, w/changeover to sleet in evening, then to freezing rain later at night."

  3. LOL OMGZ is right. Time to email HR and ask why we haven't been let out yet.

  4. I'm from here, but even I understand that people are fucking pussies around here when it comes to weather.

  5. Scene: Adams Morgan, snowstorm of 2003 or '04, way back when.

    A native-born gentleman approaches two El Salvadorean immigrants struggling to free their El Dorado from a snowbank on Columbia Road.

    W/ a wide smile, he shows them how to "rock" the car to gain the required momentum. I wish I had a picture.

  6. Oh, and, Anonymous, since I'm actually FROM Manhattan, I get to think it's cool. Yes, I am allowed to do that.

  7. Are you the evil alter ego of Dave Alpert?

  8. no, i'm actually the benevolent alter ego of myself. now, imagine what would happen if i spun off my evil alter ego?

    oh god it's getting so meta it's breaking my brain. why i hate why i hate dc.

  9. "why i hate why i hate dc"

    I thought we went there during the Liz administration.

  10. Anon here again I don't care as much about ppl bitching about snow as much as I get annoyed when people are wearing earmuffs and thick gloves in 45 degree weather looking as if they're about to die. Also people complain about the mild winter and when it gets cold they want to know when 50 degree and overcast is coming back. Newspeople do this all the time. I just want another cold front in the teens to come through and dump 3 feet on us dammit.

  11. i hate dc because people don't shovel their effing sidewalks and make commutes to bus stops and metros treacherous. seriously. i hate winter in dc.

  12. Why are you mad that some people either overdress for the cold or are not as tolerant of cold whether? It seems like a silly waste of negative energy.
    The thing is people didn't seem to mind the snow so much as the ICE. People are responsible for salting down the sidewalks and they don't so you have to keep your fingers crossed that you don't end up slamming down hard onto the concrete and wasting sick time on recouping when you should have been trudging to work over nicely salted pavement.

  13. whether should be weather oops

  14. why not take advantage of the winter weather advisory. here is an article offering suggestions to married and committed couples about how to spend their day. enjoy. http://www.examiner.com/x-4793-DC-Marriage-Advice-Examiner