Another JEN WATERS exclsuive

The Jen Waters Fan Club (est. 2003) gets another hard driving metro-section scoop:

The ideal garden for butterflies contains plenty of sunshine, shelter from the wind, a reliable source of nectar, host plants for egg laying and for caterpillars to eat, protection from predators, and water. It also should have a combination of annuals, perennials, trees and woody shrubs that provide a suitable environment for the various stages of the life cycle of the insects.

An adult butterfly, which eats nectar, will lay an egg on a host plant. The egg hatches into a caterpillar or larva, which often enjoys eating the host plant. The caterpillar forms the chrysalis or pupa, usually on a twig. The chrysalis then hatches into a butterfly.

After emerging from the chrysalis, the adult butterfly eats the nectar from plants for food. Butterfly bush, Mr. Raun's favorite plant in his garden, is used by butterflies for this purpose. It's a woody shrub that comes in several colors, including white, pink and purple. It withstands droughts well and retains some foliage in winter.

Other plants used by butterflies for nectar include globe amaranth, oregano, white clover, garlic chives and red clover. Certain nectar plants attract specific types of butterflies. For instance, to attract swallowtail butterflies, plant butterfly bush, common milkweed, joe-pye weed, oregano and Oriental lilies. For hairstreak butterflies, plant garlic chives, heath aster and late-flowering boneset.

Skipper butterflies are drawn to globe amaranth, Brazilian verbena, butterfly bush and mistflower. Great spangled fritillary butterflies like butterfly bush, butterfly weed, common milkweed and purple coneflower.

Popular host plants used by caterpillars in the garden include bronze fennel, collards, common blue violet, common lamb's-quarters, common milkweed, hops vine, red giant mustard, parsley and white clover.
Oh booyah, what a FUCKING SCOOP!

Take THAT, WaPo! You will BOW DOWN before JEN WATERS! You... and then one day... YOUR HEIRS!

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