Cinco de Mayo goes sober

According to this Times editorial, some activists who ran a "dry" Cinco de Mayo celebration in L.A. were funded by the anti-alcohol Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which supports "sin" taxes on alcohol and restrictions on public consumption.

This raises an important question: who gives a shit?

It's all explained by the writer's mini-bio:

Richard Berman is executive director for The Center for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit coalition supported by restaurants, food companies and consumers.
Ohhhh, it's a random restaurant lobbyist! I love how you can be a lobbyist for anything and give it a completely unrelated name... you could start a special interest group in favor of autoerotic asphyxiation and call it "The Institute for Consumer Satisfaction" or something, and nobody would have any idea what you're actually trying to do.

In this case, The D.C.-based Center for Consumer Freedom (tee-hee) sums it up everything it stands for in its FAQ:
Remember -- even an ugly baby can be named "Tiffany."
Well said, Center for Consumer Freedom. Well said.

(And no, that quote doesn't make sense in context either.)

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