Upping Ante, Williams Seeks $338 Million For Baseball

The mayor wants to spend $338 million on a baseball stadium. Williams had previously said he wouldn't go above $300 million. I blame the new "young people's" haircut. It's controlling his mind, making him irrational!

I love baseball as much as anyone, but a city that's struggling to keep its residents from slaughtering each other, can't pave its roads and has one of the most inept and money-starved educational systems in the country shouldn't be spending that much public money on professional sports.

What's wrong with private financing? The Giants build Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco using only private funding... of course, only after the residents refused to pony up any public money. If the mayor would play some hardball here I think the city would be better off, even if it does cost them the chance at a team in the short run.

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