Jordan out as president of Wizards

This has been a weird story. Jordan's un-retirement has predictably been wildly popular here, but despite his service on the court (and the wild profitability they reaped), the Wizards are no longer interested in his services off the court.

His player moves were definitely disappointing. He claimed that his playing would help teach the young players how to win. It really didn't; this was perhaps the laziest and whiniest professional sports team I've ever seen. If there was any city in the world where Michael Jordan could come to play basketball and be considered a failure, of course it would be this one.

I am grateful that I got to see Michael score 51 points against New Jersey on Dec. 29, 2001. Although I'd like to point out that when he scored his 50th point, I jumped out of my seat, and was told by the guy behind me to sit down. Yeah.

At any rate, Jordan, who was paid $1.1M to play this year, stands to collect $10M now that he's leaving. I guess the ticket prices won't be going down next year. And I guess I won't be going to any games.

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