"You don't fuck with another man's automobile."

An excellent little blurb from Safe Streets DC on "car jockeys." I've noticed these guys working the streets, trying to extort money out of people trying to park their cars on public streets, and I didn't even know what they were called. Having to deal with these crooks is one of the reasons I hate driving into D.C.. If you don't pay up, you risk becoming a target of theft or vandalism; and, as we know, if that happens in D.C., good luck trying to get the cops to show up, let alone investigate.

I can't say it any better than this:

Six months ago, a group of us met for 3 hours with Asst. Chief Jordan of the MPD...

For three hours we discussed a detailed list of community concerns including the car jockey problem on 18th street in Adams Morgan where men stand in open parking spaces and intimidate drivers into giving them money as they get out of their newly-parked cars (the implied threat to the car after the own leaves is fairly clear)...

It's now been 6 months, and there are more car jockeys than ever in Adams Morgan. I even called 311 yesterday to report one guy - gave his description and everything - and the operator told me she was sending a car immediately. Two hours later we drove through the same block and the same man was still there extorting money.

If Chief Ramsey can't handle a simple car jockey in Adams Morgan, how is going to ever make a dent in our murder rate, or homeland security?

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