Missing woman's car found with body inside

Murder up. Add another notch to the counter.

Several parking tickets were on the windshield, and authorities said a meter maid who took a closer look saw the body inside.
I can see it now. "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you don't have to pay those tickets, lady." Bookmark my words: that will be a story in six months. We'll all have a good laugh then.

Typical D.C.: they ticket the car multiple times, but nobody thought to look inside, or, say, check to see if anyone was looking for the car (it and the woman had been missing since last week). A little effort might have uncovered that fact, and gotten the detectives on the trail of the crooks before it got cold.

But the murderer(s) were smart followed my advice: if you're going to kill someone, do it inside D.C. proper, where you get better than a 50-50 shot of getting away with it. Try finding odds that good anywhere else in the country.

Crack police work again. By which I mean, of course, that they're on crack. But you saw that coming.

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