2 short

I actually had a pleasant evening yesterday. Went to dinner in Dupont Circle (no, not at Lauriol Plaza, but at Tomate) and caught a movie, the Hunting of the President, at Visions cinema (although I get better sound in my living room).

The movie got out kind of late, 11:15, but in time to catch a Metro train. You know what I'm not a fan of? Two-car trains after 10 p.m. And it looks like I'm not the only one. People are not enjoying having to cram onto a full train, or wait 15 minutes for the next one.

I'm hard-pressed to believe Washington can be a vibrant city with actual nightlife when it pulls crap like this.

Plus, I got spoiled by London, where if you miss a train or a bus, there's probably another one 1-2 minutes behind. There's no reason at all to drive in London; you'd be crazy to, since the public transportation is so good. Not so here.

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