Peter Angelos is a little bitch

I don't get it. Either the Orioles will be devestated by the competition posed by a Washington baseball team, or there are no real baseball fans here and it doesn't matter. I guess they're giving us both excuses just in case.

[Baltimore Orioles owner Peter] Angelos told WBAL's Sportsline another team in Washington or Northern Virginia would hurt the team. He says "There are no real baseball fans in D.C." Angelos says the fans are mainly in the Maryland suburbs, and those pushing for a D.C. or Northern Virginia team are trying to steal Orioles' fans.
I went to about 15 Braves games a year when I lived in Atlanta. I wrote and assistant-edited the team's fan magazine for a time. I have three composition books full of custom made box scores, recounting games I attended dating back to 1991. I've foolishly purchased the digital cable package that brings me all the regular season baseball games every year since 2002. I've visited cities specifically to check their ballparks off my list. I paid $150 to attend one World Series game.

So anyway, I think I qualify as a baseball fan. And it's telling that the number of Orioles games I've been to, this year, is zero. I've even, somehow, been to one Mets game. But no O's games. Because they suck, and are far away. (And, OK, the one I tried to go to was rained out. I'm not counting that one.)

This whole process of trying to bring a team to either D.C. or West Virginia has been so incredibly chock full o' bullshit, but somehow Angelos managed to add yet another heaping load to the pile. Way to go. Ass.

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