Introspection: I demand a book deal

I finally got moved to a real desk at work. Now I can see outside, and it has a calming influence on me, which is bad for vitriolic blogging.

Eh, just as well; I'm the only Washington-based blogger who's not famous. Washingtonienne has a book deal and Wonkette will cover the Democratic National Convention for MTV.

Granted, they worked hard for their fame (especially Washingtonienne). But seeing as how I have no "inside" perspective on Washington (and, in fact, seem to insist on remaining "outside"), and since all I'm really good for is bitching about things I've observed, I don't think there's much hope for me turning a profit through writing.

Oh, here's a way to make some money... take a job as the top Medicare official, then suppress the true cost of drug benefits until Congress approves the budget, and then take a job as a lobbyist for health care companies.

Maybe that's my problem... I'm not willing to commit enough impropriety. I can't reconcile the fact that stealing and cheating are rewarded here, rather than punished. This guys gets probably a $300K-$400K annual salary for ripping off taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars; I get to pay $50 for driving 61 in a 50.

Ah, la belle vie.

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