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You are the typical white Dumb-Ass(R)
which is usually 2 shit-faced to realize that you have niether the guts nor the brain to really see the WHOLE DC. As we hate the Government just as much as you do.
OK, I guess we're turning this into a black-white issue. Yes, I'm white (and thus not cool enough to replace the word "to" with the number "2"). But I'm not the one who created the strong racial divide in this city, and in fact it's one of the things that I really, really hate about living here.

I used to live in Atlanta, which bills itself as the "city too busy to hate." And I found that to be true. Perhaps it's because there's a sizeable, well-to-do black community and a collection of great black colleges; perhaps it's because I could walk into Ron and Gladys' Chicken and Waffles without drawing a second glance. For whatever reason, I didn't sense the same resentment between blacks and whites that I do here.

It's not that there's overt hate going on in Washington, but there is a seething, below-the-surface rivalry along racial lines that reveals itself when you talk about things like D.C. voting rights (e.g., if they elected Marion Barry twice, they don't deserve a seat in the House). Would D.C. still be disenfranchised if it were predominantly white? Would it still be chronically underfunded by Congress? No, but that's the kind of environment we live in. It fosters further dislike, and occasionally makes me feel unwelcome when I do travel down to D.C.

Meanwhile, every day I do get to experience suburban Virginia first-hand, where a xenophobic white population supresses anything that might contain the slightest bit of soul, and barely tolerates a poor Hispanic contingent (providing all they're doing is cleaning our offices or serving us fast food). Thus, in Washington, we get the worst of both worlds.

So why is it that you hate DC?
I love when people ask this. LOVE IT. I actually had a reporter contact me one time about the blog, and ask, "So just WHY do you hate D.C. so much?"

That's the point of this site, people. There are over 500 posts explaining why I hate D.C. and the surrounding metro area. I couldn't possibly boil it down to a one-sentence answer.

The rest of the comment made by brain explode, so I won't attempt to respond. But I would like to preserve it for posterity:

Have you ever took the time to VISIT DC long enough to NOT have an opinion on anything you wrote, other than what you took from the Washington Post?

Oh and take a walk on my block and say some crazy shit like that. In you earlier statement on 6/23, "I hate DC. Everyone is mean, self-righteous, and overdressed."-----I wonder why and if you had a sense of humor you would get the bumper sticker and the license plate.

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