That's boredomtainment

Working in personality-free Reston is taking its toll. I've decided I'm going to have to raise the bar on the quality of conversations I have with co-workers. There's only so much boredom and upper-class twitidity I can take before attempting to launch myself out a window.

So from now on, when somebody racks up three strikes in one conversation, I'm just going to have to permanently tune them out. Here's an example of what I mean, from a conversation with one of my bosses this morning:

- "My fiancee is also my realtor." Strike 1.
- "She keeps calling because we have to transfer the HOA [Home Owners Association] agreement on my old townhouse." Strike 2.
- Joking about our company being unable to hire more computer scientists: "We should hire those temporary [Hispanic] workers who hang around the 7-11 on Elden St. in Herndon." No longer joking: "I used to live around there; it's a really bad neighborhood."

Aaaaand that's a big strike 3. You're outta there, buddy. Any further attempts at casual conversation will now be ignored with extreme prejudice.

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