Teenage wasteland

Homicides overall are down in D.C., but more juveniles have been murdered already this year than in all of 2003. The latest victim was a 15-year-old girl, cut down in an apparently random drive-by shooting.

"The machine had her breathing and all that," Lowe said a few hours after telling doctors at Howard University Hospital to take Myesha off life support. "But I saw my baby's brain coming out of her head. I knew she was gone."


Meanwhile, [neighbor] Cindi Garber stood outside her home, examining what looked like a palm-size bloodstain on the sidewalk and the shattered glass scattered across her sidewalk and into the street. She wondered whether she should clean it up but said she didn't want to offend neighbors who knew the girl or hinder police by removing evidence, she said. But it was upsetting to look out her window and see the markers of the attack out there, she said.
You'll be able to learn more household tips for cleaning up bloodstains when you visit this year's "city living, dc style!" expo, Septe... excuse me, september 17-19. Ask for Babs.

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