Uh-oh, someone's not getting a date to semi-formal

I know that if you're reading me, you probably read Wonkette first. But in case you haven't seen it, her scoop about the Capitol Club's reaction to the story about The Madison... is simply priceless.

From: Tripp Donnelly Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 10:31 AM To: xxxxxxxx Subject: RE: Hill Piece

Congratulations on the article and recent party. Let me preface what i'm about to say that I know it is and was all in good fun. I will say that my phone and email has been blasted this morning. Several of our members - especially those on the Hill - weren't delighted with the reference of the capital club in the article. Several members, especially former members of the cap club and Hill guys, do not want the Madison to be referenced as the female equivalent to the club. Hence, I did want to reach out to you about this. I know it may have come from one of our members at the party, but it's critical that we have final say in whatever goes into print or broadcast with the club's name. Member's names can be referenced, but the club can not. I know the piece was all in fun and I enjoyed it, but please let your board know - that we had some notable past members, present members and board members that weren't excited about the piece and want to nip the reference in the proverbial bud.

Ha ha... this can't be a real e-mail. I refuse to believe that "Tripp Donnelly" is someone's real name.

"It's critical that we have final say in whatever goes into print or broadcast with the club's name." Yes, it's a good thing the Cap Club has the right of first (amendment) refusal on all references to its name. Because otherwise we might all think they're a bunch of self-worshipping choads!

Seriously, replace references to "Cap Club" with "Sigma Chi", and throw in a reference or two to SGA, and this is pretty much the kind of letter we would get at our college newspaper. Before laughing and throwing it in the trash.

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