I'm not the target audience

From the Only in Washington Dept.: For the past two days, WTOP radio has been running an advertisment that begins:

"Senator Bill Frist. Do you [blah blah blah...]".

That's right, the intended audience for the spot is one guy. I don't even remember what the message is; there's something the lobbyists want him to concentrate on rather than the gay marriage amendment. Which is fine, but really, isn't this kind of a gamble? Unless you happen to know that Frist listens to that particular station at that time of morning?

But more importantly, must you make the radio listening public sit through your boring-ass lobbying efforts? I kind of miss advertisments promoting things I can actually buy, like, you know... goods? And, perhaps, services even? Pizza, and the like?

It's bad enough we have to listen to defense contractors like Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin fellate themselves over our radio waves, crowing over how great it is that their defense systems allow our country to more effectively bomb targets of the retarded wars that Bush decides to instigate.

Yes, thank you, military contractors, for using our tax dollars to lobby for more tax dollars. Now go get me a pizza.

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