The summer heat is on, and folks 'round here are gettin' a might murderous. Four murder victims over the weekend, including two teenagers killed and three more people hurt in one shooting spree late Saturday night. Sadly, that puts us up over 100, although still in good shape to come in under 200 for the year.

The violence isn't limited to D.C. In Frederick, even cows aren't safe from gun violence. The great tragedy here, of course, is the costumed cow vigilanteism that will originate from the young calf who witnessed the murder of his parents.

Meanwhile, I myself witnessed two bizarre acts of road rage over the weekend. Well, actually only one was on the road. Coming back from dinner Friday night, driving west on Lee Highway in Rosslyn, we saw two SUVs in a strange duel with each other; at about 35 mph, one swerved suddenly in front of the other, as if trying to cause an accident. And then did it again, and again. All this in the middle of a cluster of traffic; everyone was lucky to escape a giant pile-up. Just as suddenly, the SUV's stopped dueling and started driving normally. Surreal.

Then, we were biking yesterday on the Mt. Vernon trail. At one point it crosses under a bridge, and the passageway is narrower than the path, so bicyclists sometimes have to wait for it to clear out before proceeding. As we approached, one cyclist was waiting for a skateboarder to make his way out, so nothing too unusual. Then, the cyclist says something rude to the skater as he cleared the tunnel, I guess for making him wait, which starts them arguing. It didn't develop into anything, but... seriously, WTF? I've never seen bike-path rage before.

Where is the love?

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