why.i.hate.dc FLASHBACK!

Oh, these are always so much fun. Let's step in the wayback machine for a "blast from the past!"


I say, fellowes! A few days ago while reading the sports page of the local news-paper, I happened upon this bedevilling account:

A few weeks after a Tigers-Yankees game ended with a forfeit due to a riotous scene involving approximately 1,000 fans on the field, today's Senators-Indians game concludes with a fan's tangling with an umpire, and player-manager Bucky Harris' likely suspension.

As the Post's Frank H. Young reports: The "battle, which the Nationals took from the Cleveland Indians, 15 to 11, came very near ending in a wholesale riot when a hot-headed fan leaped from the grandstand near the local dugout as the last visitor was retired and took a punch at Umpire Ducky Holmes. The two men were immediately surrounded by several hundred fans, but not before [Cleveland 3B Chick] Fewster had grabbed Holmes' assailant and Umpire Moriarty had landed on the fan just as he was ready to take another punch at 'The Duck.'
Oh dear, that is no way to behave during a professional sporting event. I must say I am troubled by this turn of events, as I, too, have witnessed such boorish and drunken behavior while out on the town.

"Just what made Mr. Fan lose his head in the manner he did is not known, as the umpiring was apparently no worse than usual.
Fellow citizens, we must get to the bottom of this unexplainable rage on the part of our neighbors. If our quaint little town is indeed fit for President and Mrs. Coolidge to call home, we should be dignified enough to refrain from such loutishness. Do we truly wish to behave as Terrapins fans do? I say nay.

Ye olde James F.
Ahh, that really brings me back. It's nice to be reminded that the me of 80 years ago was just as brilliant as the me of today.

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