It's over!

So it's finally over. Inauguration is done, and even a bumbling John Roberts couldn't stop history. Dubya will now forever be referred to as former president Bush. Rolls right off the tongue, if you ask me.

I know, some people out there in readerland are pissed we haven't been updating a lot. We've been having some internal discussion here about how to ensure some more frequent updates. I'm going to bite the bullet and take the lead on updating more, so you'll have to deal with me posting more frequently. M@ and the others will possibly be posting more, as well.

Anyway, that's where we stand. We've got a lot of new things to hate on. We've got a whole ton of self-absorbed "I have the ear of the president" jerks leaving town, being replaced with a whole new group of self-absorbed "I have the ear of the president" jerks. Except most of the new ones are moving to U Street and Columbia Heights instead of Arlington and Alexandria. Wooohoooo.

I'll be changing the quote up top, because Dick Cheney has left the District. In a wheelchair. He'll be living in McLean. So fitting.

So yeah, we've got a lot to cover. It's gonna be fun.


  1. Dave, I am taking a draw-ing class so I can illustrate my posts from here on out.

  2. I don't believe in internal discussion. I'll try to post something. One day.

  3. I am neither pro Obama or anti Obama

    But if something tragic were to happen to Obama (hopefully not) all of the recent wannabe hip, wannabe urban, gentrifying yuppie transplant scum are DONE. FINSIHED. TOAST.

    This city (and other cities as well) would burn and see rioting like it has never seen before.

    The MPD would be forced to retreat like they did back in 1991.

    Trust me I was there in 1991 and things got out of hand very quickly.

    All of the out of towner transplant scumbag fucktards would be forced to fend for themselves.

  4. purple gate.

  5. "i have the ear of the president jerks" used to live in arlington? you must mean arlington, texas.

  6. naw, in ballston and clarendon.

  7. Hate on Clarendon all you want. I walk to DC, to work, to the neighborhood bars, and I haven't owned a car the entire 4 years I've lived here. Oh yeah, and my rent is $500 cheaper and my house is 2x bigger than yours. Enjoy the hatin'!

  8. Clarendon used to be such a cool neighborhood when I moved here 19-odd years ago. Now it's just big box stores and khaki-wearing former frat boys with inferiority complexes because they're too wussy to live IN DC.

  9. i live in DC, and i don't own a car. if you want to walk to dc from clarendon, feel free, but that's a pretty long hike.

    i'm curious where you live that is $500 cheaper for twice as much sq. feet. certainly not anywhere near the orange line.

  10. What?! That quote is classic, you can't change it. JFK left the District and he gets to be up there. I defy you to come up with something more apt.

  11. >>What?! That quote is classic, you can't change it. JFK left the District and he gets to be up there. I defy you to come up with something more apt.


    I totally agree.

  12. ---JFK died.---

    Right, meaning he left the District. To take up permanent residence in VA, no less.

  13. Whether you like President Bush or you're one of the irrational Bush-haters, the scene yesterday was disgusting, as supporters of a man promising "change" and "hope" booed and mocked a classy man who had kept them safe for the last 7 years. Funny, looking back at Bush's inauguration, I don't remember Clinton getting booed by a bunch of low-class savages. Enjoy your next 4 years in DC.

  14. "By your logic, I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away."

    "Hmm, how does it work?"

    "It doesn't work; it's just a stupid rock!"


    "but I don't see any tigers around, do you?"

    "I want to buy your rock"


    In all seriousness.

    I can think of two, maybe three good things that can be said about Bush. Being "classy" is not one of them.

  15. "Anonymous said...

    Clarendon used to be such a cool neighborhood when I moved here 19-odd years ago. Now it's just big box stores and khaki-wearing former frat boys with inferiority complexes because they're too wussy to live IN DC"

    Yeah that's it, or the better local gov't, lower taxes and possible closer proximity to work doesn't count for anything. And your machismo for living in DC is really impressive, I wish I could be like your yuppie ass alright. Having been born and raised IN DC, you transplants' elitist superiority complex is really what's amusing about it all.

  16. not speaking for anonymous, but hell, if living in arlington was closer to my work, i'd like to live in virginia.

    you are right, you do have lower taxes, can carry a concealed weapon, and have representation and a more responsive local government.

    if only taken the offer to work for arlington county back in '06, i wouldn't be writing on this blog.

    that's not to say arlington, or alexandria, or fairfax is perfect. or cool. it ain't by any stretch "cool" but i don't really know and or care what cool is at this point.

    cool is where i won't get caught in the crossfire of a gang war. so scratch fairfax and dc off the list. remember when ms-13 did a machete attack in merrifield?

  17. I could write something witty, but I'd rather just point out the obvious:

    People are arguing about which NoVA suburb is cool.

    Why I Hate DC: People will actually argue about which location in the innermost circle of hell is best.

  18. Well at least with the new batch of douche bags, when they say "I have the ear of the President" you know who they are talking about. Before it could have been any one of a dozen people. Maybe they meant Cheney. Maybe Rove. Maybe some other asshole. Who knew?? Nobody.

  19. Can we please stop attacking each other for living in different undesirable neighborhoods?

    We should be uniting in resistance to the new crowd of self-righteous, lanyard-wearing khaki-clad asshats who are here to "change the world," and if that means grabbing the last batch of arugula away from the grip of a little old lady at the P street whole foods, them's the breaks.

  20. Jeff: Exactly. Just like how Bush kept us SAFE on 9/11 after refusing to hold cabinet level disccusions on counter terrorism while Richard Clarke was lighiting his head on fire in the months preceeding.

    SAFE like how Bush completely ignored the CIA Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB)... Condi Rice: "I believe the title was Bin Ladden Determined to Attack the United States"

    He kept those soldiers in Walter Reed safe didn't he?

    SAFE like all those people in New Orleans.

    SAFE how Bush fought against the creation of the 9/11 Commission.

    SAFE like on our Mexican border.

    SAFE by ignoring the global warming issue for 8 years.

    SAFE by rolling back decades of sound and science based environmental and healthcare regulations.

    SAFE like the $10 trillion dollars of national debt that he doubled in during his administration.

    SAFE by starting a war with a people who had nothing to do with terrorism (IRAQ)

    SAFE by diverting resources from Afghanistan where they were needed to finding WMD's that didn't exist.

    SAFE like the Al-Q attacks on our ALLIES, the UK and Spain.

    You keep telling yourself that Bush kept us safe. You keep doing that. Cling to that desperate pitiful dillusion as America leaves you nutbags in the dust for all of history.

    Personally, hearing Bush's helicopter fly away on Tuesday was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life.

    Bush was a complete disaster. Get over it. You were wrong. You lost. Move on.

  21. Stop ruining WIHDC.

    Seriously, there are a zillion websites for humorless leftists to post their rants.

    This isn't one of them.

    Ditto for those on the right.

    You're proving the point for this blog's entire existence.

  22. And you think mindless conservative dribble belongs here??

    Those are the people you brought us the likes of GWB. YOu've lost all credibility to speak on matters of politics and human decency.

  23. James is actually Ann Coulter with her makeup off and penis untucked.

  24. I dont care who you are or what race you belong to. If you are an out of town transplant who moved here within the past 10 years I hate you. I hate every single one of you. Go the fuck back to where you came from!

  25. A. See my comment where I wrote "ditto for those on the right."

    B. I wouldn't fuck Ann Coulter with Bea Arthur's dick.

    C. I'm devastated to have lost credibility when it comes to human decency. If I come across as a knee-jerk right winger, it's only because I find it hilarious that all the ills of this miserable shit-stain of a city are blamed on "Republican douchebags," considering the electoral makeup of the city's population.

    D. Again, this blog is for hating on DC. Take your shit to DailyKos or FreeRepublic if you think someone needs to hear it.

  26. Dave,

    Lied a little, I live in Rosslyn. So I can walk to DC, but I have to pass through Georgetown, which many of you would not like to think of as included in the District. Sure, DC would be great, and both DC/NoVA have faults. Was just being in a slightly snarky mood :)

    I walk to both metro stops that are within a 5-7 mins' walk of the house.

  27. I wonder what Wonkette will bitch about now. 3/4 of her content walked or rolled out of DC on Tuesday afternoon

  28. They say 1.8 million came to this crap hole of a city? I don't think so. It looks like a lot less than 1 million, but why let facts get in the way of a good story.