Briefly noted, bailing out Detroit Monday;

Pictured: Metro's public relations team hard at work.

Good morning Washington. It was a slow weekend in the news. This is going to be a busy week in the blogosphere, though. This is a briefer edition of briefly noted because I've got a bunch of content lined up. Starting this morning.

Metro offers a response to the Post article about "sandwiching," remains unconvincing. Metro put out a quick response yesterday, claiming there have been crash-worthiness studies, though not involving Metro railcars. WMATA also continues holding the "Series 1000 cars are safe" theme. Perhaps trying to "get out in front" of problems, the press release admits that sometimes car intercoms don't work when the Series 1000 cars are in the center of the train. So... if the cars are safe anyways (NTSB disagrees), and it causes more problems (and cost), then why are they still being put in the center of the train? Sigh, at least NBC4 agrees with me.

SHOCK POLL came out Friday, Fenty's disapproval rate at 51%. It's exciting, we're getting closer to election time. There's still a ton of time, but a SurveyUSA/WJLA poll shows Fenty might be in a bit of trouble. 54% of District Democrats disapprove of his job as Mayor thus far. I suppose this is only meaningful if someone runs a viable campaign against him. I'd like to see some poll numbers for other races in the District, but I can't afford to put polls in the field. Though I would like to see some polling the race for Ward 1 Councilmember.

Speaking of DC elections, DC GOP robocalls Ward 1 about Jim Graham. An automated call to Ward 1 residents highlights the arrest of Ted Loza and the search warrant executed at the Wilson Building. The DC GOP attempts to link Graham both to Loza's misdeeds and also reminds voters about the incident where one of Graham's interns allegedly shot two people at the Columbia Heights Metro station. The mantra is "anyone but Graham." Hey, I agree. Anyone listening? I'm a concerned Ward 1 resident, who also doesn't want Graham on the Metro board anymore.

Really quick hits: Homicide count still sitting at 99, unclear on when this will ever be updated. Washington bails out Detroit with 19 points. CityDesk tells you more about liquor licenses restricted to "chain restaurants" in Trinidad.

Coming up this week: THIS MORNING the definitive post about the ghost bike hubub. Later this week, Eye on H Street Country Club and the Arena Stage. More on Metro, of course. Stay tuned.


  1. Don't forget your comma in "Good morning Washington."

    Also, "briefly noted" is not in the headline, it's in the body.

    If you're going to rip off the DCist style guide, you gotta do better than that.

  2. oh yeah, i did forget that comma didn't i.

    there's only so many ways to introduce summaries of the news. "news brief" is taken by someone, i'm sure. as is "what's in the news:" maybe "news bites" isn't taken, but sounds awfully lame.

  3. Wait, I got it:

    News bullets

    Pays homage to the city's sports legacy and murder rate.

    Go with it.

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    i think we have a winner.

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