Area news roundup

Slavery is alive and well. More fraud perpetrated by the D.C. government. Top executives fired at Freddie Mac, a government-chartered non-profit company that operates out of McLean; add them to the cadre of local companies that misstated earnings (AOL, MCI/Worldcom). A man tries to hold up the R*dsk*ns store at Union Station using a live, armed grenade.

All good stories, but none of them takes the top spot today. They couldn't hold a candle to the story with this Washington Post headline:

Gunman Says, 'I'm God,' Blocks Traffic, Fires, Strips

A D.C. police officer and a man with a rifle exchanged gunfire on a Northeast Washington street in a bizarre confrontation yesterday afternoon that ended with the gunman stripping himself naked and a police dog biting another officer.
Crazy naked city living; mad D.C. police dog style.

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