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The mayor claims the apparent city credit card fraud isn't so bad because the cards save the city money in the long run. This despite the fact that employees using multiple transactions in one day at the same store to circumvent a $2,500-per-swipe limit ran up $5.5 million in charges, and that others are probably using the cards for personal purchases:

Michael Richardson, the city's chief medical officer, charged $428,000 with his card over the past two years, including $3,000 from Internet retailer Amazon.com and $14,000 from a Brooklyn, N.Y., novelty store, Kingston Red. Richardson referred questions to department spokeswoman Vera Jackson, who said the novelties were items such as squeeze balls to relieve stress for cancer patients.
Meanwhile, the chairman of the D.C. Sports Agency resigned for his past misdeeds. But good luck trying to get a baseball team.

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