There must be a connection

D.C. mental health agency lost $153 million over seven years because it failed to get reimbursed for federal health insurance payments.

D.C.'s school system is planning to revamp the way it runs its credit card program, to which $15.6 million has been charged in the past two years. This includes purchases for "a violent video game [Unreal Tournament], a leather briefcase, snack foods, a small refrigerator, several digital cameras and deluxe computer items. In one case, the bank records listed 23 charges by a school business manager at a janitorial supply store for $50,001.50 in March 2002. The schools said no receipts were on file."

That's a lot of mop buckets. These stories make me wonder whether the fraud perpetrated by D.C. city employees rests in the hundreds of millions, or indeed up into the billions.

Also, a judge is holding the District in contempt for "repeatedly failing to make long-demanded improvements in its juvenile justice system." The city now faces fines of up to $8,000 per day.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story:

D.C. public schools officials said yesterday that 11,000 students have applied for summer school, 1,000 more than the system is currently funded to accommodate.
Gee, if only y'all hadn't blown the summer school budget on Unreal Tournament. And I'll bet a piece of the money wasted by the mental health department or used to pay the city's court fines would have funded those extra 1,000 students.

Two words: cluster, and fuck.

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