Need... coffee...

It's one of those zoned-out mornings for me.

My drive to work takes me along I-66 west, and up the Dulles access road. Before it becomes a toll road and before my exit, you have a choice of getting on the half of the road that takes you to Dulles Airport, which bypasses all the tolls (for some reason). In order to ensure that you're not just cheating the tolls, there's no way to get off the airport road until it gets to the actual airport, about 30 minutes down the road.

I spaced out this morning and very nearly started driving to Dulles Airport. Fortunately, I managed to veer back over to the main line just in time, at great personal risk and to the anger of my fellow drivers. But that would have sucked if I had not been able to swerve back over; that's 30 minutes to the airport and 30 minutes back, with no way to exit or turn around. Why on earth do they have it set up that way?

Time to get coffee. Lots of it. Garcon, more coffee.

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