Confederate Heritage Celebration draws 300

Symbols that honor the memory of the Confederacy and the men who died wearing Southern gray are under attack across the country, retired Army Lt. Col. David J. King Sr. told those in attendance yesterday at the annual Confederate Heritage Celebration at Arlington National Cemetery.


Col. King told the gathering that pornography, pro-communist teachings in schools and an antifamily bias in the culture are crippling American society.

"They've infected education in every way," Mr. King said.
Wow, pr0n at school? I missed out on that. And it's infected education "in every way", no less. Not in just a few ways, mind you. Pornography in our educational system is apparently FUCKING UBIQUITOUS. And I FUCKING MISSED OUT ON IT. My God-given right to porn has been trampled.

Oh wait, he was probably talking about just the pro-communist teachings at school, and got mis-quoted. Whatever.

In many Southern states, he said, anti-American groups are protesting memorials to historic and Confederate people and causes.
How about that... anti-American groups are doing that. Not anti-slavery or anti-racism groups. Anti-American. Let me get this straight... protesting the pro-slavery ideals of a CONFEDERACY that SECEDED FROM AMERICA is now anti-American.

OK, Army Lt. Col. David J. King Sr., I'm thankful you served our country and defended our right to freedom, etc. But please, die. It's time to let the non-crazy people live in peace.

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