Why do I even try?

Last night, in deciding to go see a movie, I foolishy decided to take Metro. Predictably, I didn't make the theater. At all.

I was planning on seeing the They Might Be Giants movie at AFI Silver Spring at 9:15. Everything was going OK, and my wife and I were only running a little late. We took the train from Court House to Metro Center and transferred to the red line, having to wait 10 minutes each time for the train. We're travelling along, one stop away from the Silver Spring station, when... the train stops. Then the train turns around, with the driver saying there was some kind of emergency at the Silver Spring station. It's already 9:15, so even though they're offering bus shuttles to travel up the rest of the red line, I know there's no way we would make the film on time without missing half of it. We had to simply stay on the train and travel back home.

So, I spent 90 minutes traveling on Metro and went nowhere. And they still charged me $1.10 when I got back to Court House, even though my net travel distance was zero. As for the emergency, we heard train derailment on the public address system, but there was nothing about that in any of the papers today. So who knows. My theory is they knew I was coming and were just trying to piss me off.

So yeah, I've had about enough. I'll be spending the next few days in a town that's not nearly as corrupt, inane, and miserable as D.C.

That's right: Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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