Mission creep

Interesting article related to the management shake-up at Freddie Mac. I didn't realize Freddie and Fannie were such big lobbyists:

In the last election cycle, Freddie Mac was the largest corporate contributor of unlimited "soft money" donations to the political parties, according to PoliticalMoneyLine, which tracks federal election records. The company gave slightly more than $4 million in 2001-02, about 58 percent of it to Republican party committees. That was more than several other prominent corporate political players, including AT&T Corp., Philip Morris and Microsoft Corp.

District-based Fannie Mae, headed by Clinton administration official Franklin D. Raines, is also a top corporate giver of soft money, donating about $1.8 million to party committees in the last cycle, about 53 percent to the Republicans.
Lots of questionable soft money flying all over town, as usual. No wonder I can barely afford to live here; nobody ever thinks to give me any soft money.

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