Since I've been gone

The Metro train derailment that thwarted my movie-going plans last Friday was due to "human error," according to Metro. Which is another way of saying, "We're a bunch of morons. Now give us more money."

A hundred D.C. residents asked for a moritorium on murders for Father's Day, but were predictably unsuccessful. The following day, a high school football star from Northeast who had just graduated was murdered for his sneakers.

Meanwhile, the D.C. Council may compromise to give Police Chief Ramsey a $25,000 raise asked for by the mayor, despite the fact that crime went up last year as D.C. again earned the title "murder capital". Your tax dollars at work.

Speaking of which, city employees are apparently charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to government-issued credit cards for personal and/or inappropriate purchases, which they city then fails to pay in time, resulting in $170,000 of credit-card interest since January 2000. The new slogan for D.C.: We're Ghetto Rich. Oh, and lawyers who misbehave are unlikely to be punished.

But hey, if you live in the suburbs, you don't have to miss out on the excitement of city living. There's a new Ikea store opening today, and the line to get in formed 72 hours ago. Here's an article to help you decorate those gigantic rooms you no doubt own if you read the Washington Times.

And I won $500 playing blackjack. But please, if you're going to play, do it responsibly.

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