Shout out?

By now I'm sure you're familiar with the District's hilarious "city llving, d.c. style!!" marketing campaign, designed to trick yuppies into moving to the damned hellpit that is our nation's capital. There's not much new in this article. Although this quote is funny:

"There are people out there who like living in the city," said Rich Bradley, executive director of D.C.'s Downtown Business Improvement District, "and we want them to know it's okay that they can come out of the closet."
I always suspected us "breeders" were unwelcome down thar in the city.

But it was this graf that really caught my eye:

Already, some residents have poked fun at the city's effort to be hip. The publisher of an online newsletter about music and nightlife complained that some city leaders have tried to crack down on bars and restaurants that feature live music. Another resident mocked a spelling error on a flier touting an upcoming expo that is part of the marketing effort.
Umm... who could that have been? In the words of Shaggy, and with about as much sincerity, "It wasn't me."

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