Your tax dollars at work

Part the first:

A former Ballou High School counselor, who was hired by the D.C. school system despite a previous sex crime allegation, has been charged with forcing a Ballou student to have sex with him more than 10 times over a two-year period.
Part the second:

The unlicensed topless club in Northeast Washington, authorities say, was run by a D.C. police officer.


City records show that Frazier signed a five-year lease ... under the name of a charitable foundation that had been created a month earlier.

By this year, authorities said, the Give Foundation was legally defunct, but Club Bliss was still doing a brisk late-night business several nights a week. The club typically drew dozens of men to watch pornographic movies, drink alcohol and pay topless dancers who worked for tips.
That's right, it's a clandestine topless nightclub run by a police officer. I thought that kind of thing only happened in episodes of Knight Rider.

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