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One more funny anecdote today before I attempt to canoe home. Thanks to Jon W for this note:


I was reading your May archives (somebody showed me your blog today), and saw your piece about the conversation you had about 107.3 with a co-worker.

I listen to 107.3 every once and a while, when I'm feeling like a candy-ass, and one thing I've noticed is how annoying the girl who does, I think, late nights is incredibly annoying. She'll do a segment between songs and will sound so damn happy I want to hit something really hard. I mean, she'll be talking about nothing in a voice that sounds like she just discovered the meaning of happiness.

Anyway, about a week or two ago, I was listening and heard her talking about a John Mayer concert coming up. These are her exact words:

"That is a day that will live in infamy!!!!!! Be sure not to miss it!!!!!"

Yes, like you, my jaw dropped. Fucking Pearl Harbor and a John Mayer concert are now equivalent on the scale of infamy.

I called the station and let it ring about 100 times before hanging up, but I so badly wanted to calmly tell her what a stupid bitch she was.
That is... quite simply... hilarious. The John Mayer concert is a day that will live in infamy. (Dictionary link provided in case she's reading this.) Utterly fucking incredible. She's no FDR, eh?

Of course calling the station wouldn't work; the way radio works these days, for all we know she was broadcasting from Pearl Harbor.

And now I'm curious which DJ said that. Judging solely from her web site bio, my money's on Liz Kelly.

Also, what kind of city am I living in where even the Capital Area Pagan Alliance listens to the Jack Diamond morning show? You would think that if anyone would be able to find something more interesting to listen to, it would be the local pagan alliance. This has got to be the most boring, blandest-ass big city on the planet.

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