Hmm, how about that. The Washington serial arsonist strikes again. And, let's see, this would be for the 39th time.

Apparently we're not in a big hurry to solve this one, seeing as the arsonist has been at it since March 2003. He's killed one person and injured several others; in this latest one, firefighters had to rescue five residents from an upper floor.

In a completely unrelated story, all but three of the 39 fires were set in the predominantly black neighborhoods near the D.C.-Prince George's County border. That's just in case you were wondering why the FBI hasn't gotten involved. (Plus, as we all know, it doesn't count as terrorism unless a Muslim does it.) But don't worry, a "regional task force" headed by Prince George's County is on the case. (Read: the sun will explode before they catch the guy.)

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