Falling Down: The Reality Series (a.k.a. D.C. in the summer)

A pedestrian, nudged by a car in Georgetown, threw his drink at the car. This led to:

- one stabbing
- one brandished shotgun
- pedestrians fleeing in terror
- M Street closed for three hours

The pedestrian was the one who did the stabbing, after being chased by someone from the car into... snicker... Urban Outfitters. (Ahh, Georgetown; it's the mall away from the mall.) He apparently managed to find a knife or some other sharp object to use as a weapon.

After the stabbing, the pedestrian smartly escaped into the night, evading having to deal with the cops. The story doesn't mention whether there was a note attached to the crook reading, "Another criminal for you boys in blue! Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man."

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You don't suppose this mystery pedestrian could have been... the mysterious man in the red-jacket? I mean, I'd like to think that our Crimson Dynamo wouldn't throw his drink at a car just for hitting him, but we all have our off days. And escaping heroically into the night is definitely part of his Batman-esque motif.

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